Venerable Narongchai Thanajayo

He was a young successful engineer in the world of Technology, lived and worked in USA nearly 10 years. He holds M.S. in Computer Information System, M.A. in Religion and Development and Ph.D. in Peace Studies. His last job before ordaining as a Buddhist monk was a project counsellor for Office of Science and Technology, Royal Thai Embassy in Brussels, Belgium. in 2007, he was ordained at the age of 35, thinking that he would return to his career after 30 days.  But he fell in love with the peaceful monastic life and stayed on as a monk for past 16 years. Today he is the abbot of Chiang Mai International Forest Monastery and the Chief of Monk Life Project Thailand.  The program provides the unique opportunity for foreigners to experience the monastic life and practice meditation.  He has given numerous invited Dhamma talks and guided meditation to people and organizations, both in Thailand and overseas. His vision is to “Make the world a better place through attainment of one’s inner peace”.


Venerable Praputt Buddhibalo  (Luang Pi Duke)

Praputt Kamlang-ek / Phornprapha

Vice Abbot at iMONASTERY and iRetreat Founder, Praputt Kamlang-ek (Luang Pi Duke), is Phornsan Kamlang-ek and the late Gen Arthit Kamlang-ek’s son. He was ordained in 2007 in Thailand and has since been a Venerable Buddhist monk for 14 years. Born in Los Angeles, California, Luang Pi Duke spent his early life in Thailand. At the age of 8, he was sent to the UK to study. After completing a BA in Economics & Management (Royal Holloway University of London) and an MA in Analysis Design and Management of Information Systems (London School of Economics), Luang Pi Duke returned to his home country. He set up several successful businesses promoting youth education and team spirit: the Thailand Footvolley Association and the Praputt Kamlang-ek Football Centre (first representing Arsenal Football Club

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